Retreats and Workshops

"Samthvam" Retreat Yoga, Ayurveda, Surfing

Relax the body, Slow the breath, Calm the mind

Hightlights of Samathvam ( Equanimity)

6 Night’s accommodation with 3 Sattvik meals /day 

Every day Asan,  pranayama & meditation

Ayurveda Diet & Dosha Analysis

Special Yogis Night Kirthan  Singing & Chanting 

Surfing, Silent walking meditation on the beach, Yoga Nidra and Sound healing.

What makes this Retreat special?

This retreat gives you the chance to get away to a place where you may take long walks, breathe clean air, reconnect with nature, and experience its reviving energy.

This retreat is for you if you have a passion for exploration, a great regard for nature and all living things, as well as an unwavering sense of integrity for your own personal development. Imagine beginning your morning meditation at the ocean at daybreak while all you can hear are the sounds of the waves crashing. Start your day with a surf lesson in the Arabian Sea after preparing yourself with some wake-up beach yoga. Goa is the ideal place to learn to surf because of its relatively gentle waves.


Get away from the hectic, high-stress lifestyle of the modern world.

A fantastic getaway if you need a week to unwind or are feeling worried, exhausted, or overworked.

Disconnect from the daily grind to reconnect with nature and yourself.

Be the most calm and rejuvenated you’ve ever been.


All Levels are welcome to this retreat who wants to enhance and explore Yoga Parampara (tradition) in Goa.


FOOD : According to Ayurveda, food determines who you are. In accordance with this idea, we made it our mission to assist yoga practitioners in incorporating a sattva-quality diet into their daily lives. Sattva is defined as being pure, sincere, and clean. Wholesome vegetarian fare is offered throughout. Prices consist of two meals each day (6 days a week). All of the on-site meals will be very nutrient-dense.

For the duration of the course, we have spent a lot of effort creating a meal plan that will provide you with everything you need to nourish your body and soul. This will allow you to put your full attention on yourself.

ACCOMMODATIONTwin sharing & Private room


 Book your slot by paying Advance and Remaining balance is due 7 days before the start date.

 Deposit is non-refundable, and non transferable. 

 If paid full amount at the time of booking, a full refund of the amount is available up to 7 days before your retreat start date.


  • 07:00 – 08:30: Morning Yoga 
  • 08:30 – 09.00 : Surfing ( Alternate days) 
  • 10:00 –  Healthy Breakfast
  • 11:00 – 13:00: Free time to explore Village side
  • 13:00 – Healthy Lunch Buffet
  • 17:00 – High tea
  • 17:30 – 19:00: Asana/Pranayama/Meditation
  • 17:30 – 19:00: Kriya, Asana & Pranayama
  • 19:30 –Dinner  
  • 20:30 – Yoga Nidra, Meditation
  • 21:30 – Go to bed

(This is sample schedule just for your knowledge)


For Enquiries

Retreat Teachers

Bharath Ram, Pavithra Shetty, Gaurav Kumar

Location :  422/2, Bhatawadi, Corgao, Goa 403512 

India’s Goa. Sun, sea, sand, and spirituality flavour this colourful blend of Indian and Portuguese traditions. The Arabian Sea and majestic Sahyadri hills flank you. Indian west coast. Goa is known for its beautiful beaches, churches, temples, rich festivals, and strong Hindu and Catholic traditions. Yoga and spiritual activities occur everyday in Goa, a winter holiday spot. Sunrise beach yoga, reiki healing, meditation, and any other spiritual practises are allowed. The finest beaches are Arambol, Keri, Morjim, and Ashwim. These beaches are perfect for yoga retreats and relaxing beach time due to their diversity of activities and low crowds.


What's not Included

What's Included


Please check your own visa requirements depending upon your country of origin.


Goa Seasonal information

(October to March, Temperature 21°C to 28°C) With temperatures ranging from 21°C to 28°C, Goa’s winter season begins. Most visitors to Goa choose to go there in the winter since the weather is nice, inviting, and ideal for lounging on the beaches. Holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Years are also carried out with great fervour and are very well-liked by visitors.



(March to June, Temperature 25°C to 40°C)  Goa experiences a hot and muggy summer like many other regions of the nation. The temperature fluctuates from 25°C to 40°C. You should consider visiting Goa during the summer for two reasons. One is that since July is Goa’s off-season, you may be able to book hotel and homestay rooms at comparatively lower rates. Second, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and lack of tourist traffic during this time.


(July to October, Temperature 25°C to 30°C) In Goa, the monsoon season begins in July and lasts through October, with temperatures between 25°C and 30°C. Despite the fact that the state experiences medium to high rainfall and that the beaches are off-limits to visitors during this time, there are many other activities you can take part in. This is also the time for the wildly popular Sao Joao celebrations and the Chikalkala mud races.



Tips for Traveling ethically in and around Goa

Be respectful. Remove shoes and dress modestly when visiting temples.


 Use both hands when handing somebody something. Gesture of Namaste( salutation or greetings) works everywhere in India.

 Avoid showing a lot of skin, although many local men wear shorts. Don’t go topless if you’re a woman.

Before taking photos of someone, ask – or mime – for approval.

How to reach Adiyogam yoga center in goa

Flights are offered to all the major cities in India and overseas from, New Goa International Airport, also known as Mopa International Airport and officially renamed as Manohar International Airport, is an international airport at Mopa in Pernem taluka, North Goa district in the state of Goa, India.

There is another option if you are landing in Dabolim Airport, popularly known as Goa International Airport. About 30 kilometres separate it from Panaji, Goa’s capital.

Give us a call for pick up +91 9731413108  we prefer the MOPA airport as its less tome consuming and you can reach soon.

Namaste and Welcome


Pernem railway station is a railway station in North Goa district of Goa state is the near by station which connects all the majot cities of India like mumbai, Bengaluru, mangalore and other stations like

Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon Railway Stations in Goa connect the state to all of the main Indian cities, including New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Patna, and Agra. From the railway station, visitors can hire taxis and other private cars.


Goa is linked to the important Indian cities via the highways NH 66, NH 366, NH 566, and NH 78. Goa is connected to Bangalore and Mumbai through NH 4 and Mangalore by NH 17.


What to bring in goa India yoga teacher training

You will receive a preparation letter when you sign up  for the course with all the information you need including what to bring.
  • Karnataka to Goa – 232 KM
  • Maharashtra to Goa – 688 KM
  • Rajasthan to Goa – 1683 KM
  • Tamil Nadu to Goa – 883 KM
  • Kerala to Goa – 660 KM
  • Mangalore to Goa – 365 KM
  • Bangalore to Goa – 585 KM


For specific advice on your intended destinations, it’s worth going to a specialized travel clinic.


Travel insurance is always a good idea! Of course, we don’t expect anything to happen to you. However, unexpected medical issues not to mention the associated costs of medical aid can cast a heavy shadow on any holiday and holiday budget. So please make sure you have travel insurance that covers medical expenses.


Namaste and See you Soon